Instrument Repair

At BBB Music Center, we are in the business of repairs.   Our techs can work on any fretted instrument from an auto-harp to a banjo.  Drop off your band instrument and we will have John, a local band teacher, service your instrument.  We have been repairing instruments for over thirteen years now with many years of combined experience.  No job is too big or too small.

Pricing will vary by instrument and amount of work required.   Free estimates on all string, band, or orchestra instruments.   Please call us at (740)772-2262 for an estimate or better yet, bring your item in so that we can take a look at it. You can also contact us by filling in the contact form on this website.   We will be happy to assist you. 

What we fix:

String Instruments:  cleaning, re fretting, string replacement, set-ups, bridge repair, nut/saddle replacement, head stock/neck repair, loose wire/jack, pickup installation, restoration.

Pianos:  tuning and repairing.

Band/Orchestra Instruments:  cleaning, corks and pads, stuck mouthpieces, total restoration, bow hair replacement.

Percussion Instruments:  head replacement, tuning, set-up.

Repair Fees List:

To restring/free cleaning (excluding the cost of strings):

All standard guitars, mandolins, banjos, bass guitars, and dulcimers:  $15.00

12-strings:  $30.00

Classical tie-end:  $20.00

Floyd Rose:  $25.00


Set-Ups:(set-ups include free cleaning, all adjustments and intonation)

Acoustic Guitars:  Basic Set-up:  $50.00, Premium:  $100.00*

Banjos:  $65.00*

Mandolins:  $60.00*

Electric/Bass Guitars:  $40.00*

Floyd Rose:  $80.00 and up*

Violin:  $65.00*

Upright Bass:  $100.00*

Cello:  $75.00*


Other Repairs:

1. Fret dressing:  filling and re-crowning of existing frets.  Set-up and free cleaning included:  $70-$100

2. Complete re-frets, excluding price of parts:  $230.00 and up

3. Fret binding:  $50.00 and up

4. Bone nut replacement, excluding cost of materials:  $20.00

5. Saddle replacement, excluding cost of materials:  

Regular:  $20.00

Vintage-style:  $30-$45

B-string compensated:  $50.00

Fully-compensated:  $75.00 

12-string:  double the above cost whichever one

6.  Re-gluing of acoustic bridge:  $100.00*

7.  Headstock/neck Repair:  $100.00*

8.  Pickup Installation:  $40.00 per each

9.  Repairing a loose wire/jack:  $15.00*

10.  Complete Rewire w/o cost of parts:  $50-$60

11. Neck Reset, which includes free cleaning, set-up, and fret dressing:  $300.00 and up

12.  Rehydration of an acoustic:  $25.00*

13.  Violin/cello bow hair replacement:  $35.00

14.  Acoustic Bass bow hair replacement:  $40.00

15. Drum head replacement:  $25.00

16. Basic cleaning of band instruments:  $35.00

17. Mouthpiece removal:  $10.00

18. Piano tuning:  free estimate then $100.00 and up.

19.  Banjo head replacement:  $65.00*

20.  Banjo head replacement skin:  $95.00*

21.  Fifth string railroad spikes for a banjo:  $8.00 each

22.  Fifth string tuner upgrade for a banjo:  $50.00*

23.  Violin seam body repair:  $20.00 and up

24.  Drum tuning:  $50.00 plus mileage if applicable

*Instruments may exceed the normal amount of labor listed above.  If this is the case, we will call you with a price quote before beginning the repair work.