BBB History

Bob Green, almost eleven years ago, was considering learning how to play the banjo.  He went to a local music store to see about purchasing one.  Although there were many banjos to choose from, he left disappointed due to a store policy of "you can look, but you can't touch."  The question of  how can any person really choose the musical instrument that they prefer without actually picking up the said instrument, getting a feel of it, plucking the strings, and hearing the quality of sound haunted him.  The question became a quest.  A quest to open a new type of music store, where customers could "test drive" instruments.  So came Bob's Banjo Barn.  Bob started buying banjos, and mandolins, and guitars and with the backdrop of a bright red wooden barn, he set up displays at various trade shows.  He was hooked.  Not only was he around the instruments himself but he loved the interaction with all the different types of people that he came in contact with.  He began to seek a more permanent type of store.  After having one shop location burn in a fire (near the Majestic Theater), he moved from a location on Second Street, Chillicothe to the site of his present day store at 20 East Water Street, Chillicothe.  Under the new name of BBB Music Center, Bob began diversifying his inventory.  No longer focused on just bluegrass instruments, BBB began to offer band instruments, electric and bass guitars, sound equipment, keyboards, and percussion supplies.  Today, employees are available to repair instruments and help out with questions and Bob welcomes everyone to come visit and take that instrument they have been dreaming of for a "test drive"!!